I have an OLTP Database with a big table (30M records a day / 400TPS). I want to implement Partitioning & Sliding Window on that table with Monthly Partitions plus a temp Stage-Table.

The time to Switch-Out (Archive) my data is clear for me: 'End of Month' for the Last Month of my window. But my problem is when should I Switch-In new data? Because this a OLTP DB and users needs access to new data (at least after a minutes or so). It's not really a good practice for me to leave the data in Stage-Table & transfer it at the end of month

Also I'm using SQLServer version 2017, could I use a different FG for the Stage-Table other than the one in the main Paritioned-Table to make the Switch-In work?

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In OLTP you would rarely, if ever, switch-in partitions for exactly the reasons you state. Instead consider using Columnstore with compression delay. See Get started with Columnstore for real-time operational analytics

  • Thanks @David, to be clear: 1-you mean that on a OLTP DB I shouldn't use Partitioning or Sliding-Window or I could use both but don't have to use Switch-in & insert directly? (I need to take out older than 2 year data) About the Column-Store scenario(Article), it somehow matched my case, thanks! But needs more space! Could I just use Column-Store Index as my Clustered Index ?
    – MShNajar
    Sep 5, 2021 at 9:24
  • Partitioning and switching out is fine. Sep 5, 2021 at 14:27

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