I know we can use Postgres's generate_series() function to produce a list of timestamps. Can we do the same to produce a list of time ranges directly without having to manually convert generated timestamps into time ranges like so?

SELECT tstzrange(
   time_stamp + '1 days'
) AS time_range
FROM generate_series(
   '1 days'
) tmp(time_stamp);
  • Hoping to avoid having to call tstzrange() in the SELECT clause to not repeat the “1 days” offset twice which in my real example is a more complicated function.
    – eliangius
    Jun 7, 2022 at 11:35

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Up to Postgres 14, there is no variant of generate_series() doing that. Check with:

SELECT oid::regprocedure   AS function_signature
     , prorettype::regtype AS return_type
FROM   pg_proc
where  proname = 'generate_series';


You can produce timestamp or timestamptz, but not date or tstzrange.


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