I'm having 'out of shared memory' issue in PostgreSQL 13.3 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu (The database has 41G data), first, it suggested me to increase max_locks_per_transaction.

After increasing max_locks_per_transaction to 1024, I still get 'out of shared memory', but now it suggests:

ERROR:  out of shared memory
HINT:  You might need to increase max_pred_locks_per_transaction.

It seems very confusing to me. So my question:

  • Why does max_pred_locks_per_transaction affect on shared_memory ?
  • The shared_buffers is already 4GB, should I increase it ?
  • The 'out of shared memory' relates to which: max_locks_per_transaction * (max_connections + max_prepared_transactions) or shared_buffers ?

Thank you all.

  • Is the query execution plan using parallel query? Are you using the SERIALIZABLE transaction isolation level? Commented Mar 29 at 12:55

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These error messages indicate that the hash table to store locks has been exhausted. This table is located in the shared memory segment and has a constant size, determined when the database starts as:

max_locks_per_transaction * (
  (max_connections + autovacuum_max_workers + 1 +
     max_worker_processes + max_wal_senders) # this is MaxBackends
  + max_prepared_transactions

Not related to shared_buffers at all. This and many other structures in shared memory structures are added in addition to the amount required to accommodate shared_buffers.

Look at your pg_locks to find out exactly what data the lock table stores in your database.

Common reasons:

  • excessive use of partitioning, when a query on a table with 5 indexes instead of 6 locks requires >6000 locks due to the existing 1000 partitions
  • widespread use of serializable transaction isolation. Predicate locks are stored in pg_locks as mode=SIReadLock; there can be a lot of them
  • many advisory locks
  • It seems that max_pred_locks_per_transaction is not in max_locks_per_transaction * ( (max_connections + autovacuum_max_workers + 1 + max_worker_processes + max_wal_senders) # this is MaxBackends + max_prepared_transactions ). So why the error message suggests increasing max_pred_locks_per_transaction ?
    – MiH
    Commented Mar 31 at 12:52
  • Damn, the second error message is really about another hash table. github.com/postgres/postgres/blob/REL_13_3/src/backend/storage/… This hash table is only about Serializable Snapshot Isolation.
    – Melkij
    Commented Mar 31 at 13:39
  • Thank you, but is it (max_pred_locks_per_transaction) relative to the shared memory ?
    – MiH
    Commented Apr 1 at 1:53
  • This is another structure that should be accessible from all database processes, therefore it is also located in the shared memory segment. There are quite a few such structures in shared memory, plus extensions can add their own.
    – Melkij
    Commented Apr 1 at 7:42
  • So the error indeed is the hash table reaches the limit, not exactly out of shared memory ? So I just need to increase max_pred_locks_per_transaction.
    – MiH
    Commented Apr 1 at 8:21

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