In addition to a nightly full backup, I'd like to set up an hourly differential backup maintenance plan in SQL Server 2012, where each differential backup file should receive a different name. It seems this isn't possible. Am I overlooking something simple?

In the GUI interface, my choices are either to append to the target differential backup file, or to overwrite it. Is there a way to append _{YEAR}{MO}{DY}{HH} to the differential filename?

  • If you use maintenance plans or Ola H's scripts, it will do this for you. You shouldn't need to manually (or via the GUI, for that matter) take differential backups. – Kris Gruttemeyer Mar 4 '15 at 18:02

You should use Ola's backup solution. Brad talks about it in more details on simple talk.

The solution is very simple to implement and its tested by many organizations.

Value Description

FULL Full backup

DIFF Differential backup

LOG Transaction log backup

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