I have a MongoDB collection called messages and this is an example document for that collection:

    "_id": {
        "$oid": "551943eee4c6acf40fe5a0f2"
    "sender_id": {
        "$oid": "551943eee4c6acf40fe5a0f3"
    "rep_sender_id": "120",
    "sender_name": "Karen Morris",
    "sender_title": null,
    "sender_photo_id": "https://reptool_rpc.pdone.com/web/bundles/pdone/media/representative/photo/qlv_morris_karen.jpg",
    "sender_company": "",
    "recipient_id": {
        "$oid": "5367e006e4c6ac5b0d1b8e29"
    "recipient_name": "KARIS KNIGHT",
    "recipient_title": "",
    "recipient_photo_id": "webdrProfileIcon.png",
    "message": [
            "message_link": "20150330073847782685415",
            "message_href": "//www.themedicalbag.com/pdone/pharma_brandpage?id=20150330073847782685415&brand_id=11",
            "message_href_text": "Prescribing "
    "message_subject": "has shared information about ADHD treatment option with you",
    "sender_type": "rep",
    "message_type": "share",
    "supplemental": "",
    "reply_ok": "no",
    "mdate": {
        "$date": "2015-03-30T12:39:10.170Z"
    "date": "Mon March 30, 2015",
    "read": "no",
    "timeago": "2015-03-30T08:39:10-04:00",
    "reference_count": 1,
    "chain": [],
    "rep_header": {
        "paccode": "PFIZER_EMAIL_SEG1",
        "sync": "",
        "_st": "ejR2NGQ0eDVrNWw1ajVqNXc0ZjN2NG4zNDQ0NDAzeDU2NDY0dTVsMjQ0YTVhMms1NjNuNDIzbDJzNG00YTU2MzU0NTNtNW0yMjQyNDIzbjJhMzA1YjNiNHQ1NTVkNGE0cDNsNHozdzIwM2o0",
        "hcp_email_address": "karis@magnoliafamily.com",
        "email_target": "tmb",
        "inactive": "no",
        "share_date": "3-30-2015",
        "share_date_2": {
            "$date": "2015-03-30T12:39:10.000Z"
        "hcp_id": "109270",
        "rep_msg": "Thank you for taking time to speak with me today. Here are some additional materials about Quillivant XR™ (methylphenidate HCI) CII. I look forward to following up with you in the near future. Thank you.",
        "session_id": "201503300738361681657321",
        "rep_id": "120",
        "hcp_fname": "KARIS",
        "hcp_lname": "KNIGHT",
        "address": "402 JOHNSTON STREET SE",
        "city": "DECATUR",
        "zip": "35601",
        "program_path": "https://reptool_rpc.pdone.com/web/reptool/set/",
        "rep_fname": "Karen",
        "rep_lname": "Morris",
        "rep_title": null,
        "rep_alias": "Morris,Karen",
        "rep_photo_id": "https://reptool_rpc.pdone.com/web/bundles/pdone/media/representative/photo/qlv_morris_karen.jpg",
        "email_subject": "Karen Morris has shared information about an ADHD treatment option with you.",
        "mongo_id": "5367e006e4c6ac5b0d1b8e29"
    "rep_shares": [
            "media_show_citation": "no",
            "server_path_to_media": "https://reptool_rpc.pdone.com/web/bundles/pdone/media/qlv_veeva/brand/presentation/2014_Quillivant_Downloadable_Letter.pdf",
            "company_id": 6,
            "media_citation": "",
            "media_id": 246,
            "media_size": "11",
            "media_title": "Prescribing%20Quillivant%20XR%E2%84%A2",
            "media_description": "Learn%20how%20to%20individualize%20the%20dose%20of%20Quillivant%20XR%E2%84%A2%20%28methylphenidate%20HCI%29%20CII%20according%20to%20the%20needs%20and%20response%20of%20the%20patient.",
            "media_type": "pdf",
            "media_icon": "https://reptool_rpc.pdone.com/web/bundles/pdone/media/qlv_veeva/brand/presentation/2014_Quillivant_Downloadable_Letter-icon.jpg",
            "session_presentation_id": "20150330073847782685415",
            "media_units": "Pages",
            "brand_id": 11,
            "media_expiration_timestamp": 457187927.50113

I've read oficial docs and also this and this post here at SO looking for something helpful but can't find the proper docs for query the collection and get documents from 7 days ago only by using share_date_2. Can any give me some advice here?

  • What have you got so far for the query? Apr 7 '15 at 20:20
  • @John nothing atm, still reading docs but without success
    – ReynierPM
    Apr 7 '15 at 20:21

I can't test this at the moment, but that's the basic format. You should change your date data type to ISO so it works easily with the below code:

var lastWeek = new Date();
lastWeek.setDate(lastWeek.getDate() -7);
db.messages.find({ "rep_header.share_date_2.$date": { $gte: lastWeek} } } );
  • It's give me some JSON validation error: We encountered an error while parsing your JSON. Please check your syntax (e.g. ensure you are using double quotes around both your field names and values) and try again. I have doble quoted share_date_2 but still the same, why?
    – ReynierPM
    Apr 7 '15 at 20:32
  • nothing just got the same error once and once, take a look here
    – ReynierPM
    Apr 7 '15 at 20:48
  • Updated...you don't want to use share_date_2 you want $date where the actual value is.. Apr 7 '15 at 20:58
  • What if I can't change the data type right now? Any workaround?
    – ReynierPM
    Apr 7 '15 at 21:05

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