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Citus is an open source extension to Postgres, transforming it into a distributed database.

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Postgresql Logical Replication from citus distributed table to another citus distributed table

I followed this guide ( to implement logical replication of the "items" table between two postgres db. On DB1 the "items&...
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Citus: Parallel worker not launching

We are performing Citus benchmarking and came across a situation where the planner makes the parallel execution plan but during the execution no parallel workers are launched. The cluster has 3 worker ...
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citus high availability setup with patroni

We want to setup patroni HA setup with 3 coordinator, 2 worker node 1 & 2 worker node 2. I am getting system id mismatch when i start 2nd coordinator. First one is running fine, only facing issue ...
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INSERT my_table (fields,...) value (value_1,...), (value_2, ...)... is slow in citus

Environment: host: resources:32 cores, 64GB RAM, Docker 24.07 OS: CentOS 7 disk: 10 separate disk partitions The 10 separate disk partitions are as below df -h filesystem capacity used ...
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Setup Citus extension in a ssh environment

I tried to do CREATE EXTENSION citus;. However, I was given the following error: ERROR: Citus can only be loaded via shared_preload_libraries HINT: Add citus to shared_preload_libraries ...
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Right way to set up a secondary citus worker

I am experimenting with the postgres-addon citus. So far I have setup a cluster with one coordinator and three worker nodes. Now I want to setup a secondary for one of the worker nodes. So far I have ...
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Postgresql doesn't working with Citus and pg_stat_statements at the same time

So, I built the PostgreSQL with citus extension in docker. I use the official documentation in citus, then I run this command in the terminal. docker run -d -v /root/volumes/citus-data:/data --...
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Can the citus data coordiator and worker node be on the same machine?

Reading citus data's tutorial, I was wondering if in a small cluster, I can have the coordinator and one of the workers installed on the same machine? I am testing this on a small scale cluster with ...
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Why does postgres/citus use the index when querying the table, but not trough the view?

I have a Citus 9.5 database (postgres 11) on Azure and executing a complicated query with CTEs. The schema has a simple view from another schema as: create view my_schema.table1 as select * from ...
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AWS DMS Task failed with error: Error executing source loop; Stream component failed at subtask 0

I want to migrate my PostgresDB hosted in Citus cloud service to AWS RDS Aurora Postgres. I am using AWS DMS service. Have created task but getting following errors: Last failure message Last Error ...
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Postgres Citus error "complex joins are only supported when all distributed tables are joined on their distribution columns with equal operator"

I have two tables defined as distributed in Citus based on the same field: select create_distributed_table('gedi','clould_metadata_id'); select create_distributed_table('cloud_metadata','...
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Replicating PostgreSQL data into Citus/Greenplum?

I need to integrate data from 3 different PostgreSQL databases (OLTP application backends) in a data warehouse. For the data warehouse itself I consider using Citus or Greenplum. There is a ...
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Slow insert in Postgresql when sharding using declarative partitioning and postgres_fdw?

We have been trying to partition a Postgres database on google cloud using the built-in Postgres declarative partitioning and postgres_fdw as explained here. We are running commands as follow: Shard ...
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PostgreSQL + Citus - multi master - replication of data

I have a question, I have found a Citus extension which is recommended for a replication of data between multi-master nodes (I was using Galera Cluster prior to PostgreSQL). However I cannot find any ...
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PostgreSQL Citus Extension Temp Table

Is it possible with citus extension in PostgreSQL to create temp table that is copied to each worker node (like reference table)? When I run SQL like this: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS mypoint; CREATE TEMP ...
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PostgreSQL surrogate keys: use sequence/bigint or OID?

I'm looking at a need for surrogate keys in tables I'm designing on a PostgreSQL-derived DBMS (Citus). Would OIDs suffice? Is there a downside to using them instead of creating a bigint field and a ...
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