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Name of SQL programming style where KEYWORDS | CRITERIA are justified to centering line

Is there a name for this kind of SQL programming style? --Courtesy of Markus Winand of SELECT * FROM (SELECT cities.* , ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY country ORDER BY ...
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Are there other sites forbidding SQL developer to use c style comments?

My personal opinion is that C style comments should not be used by sql developers. The problem with C Style comments is, that they do not nest. C Style comments are one of the lifesavers for the ...
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Is this a new common pattern in Oracle Where exists ( Select NULL FROM...)?

Years ago, it was common to write where exists (Select * from some_table where some_condition) Last year I noticed that many t-sql scripts switched to using the number 1 instead of the star where ...
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Does it make sense to use SQL Server's bracket notation in hand written code?

Code generators tend to be simpler when they generate output using the new Microsoft bracket notation ([]) for nearly everything. When I first saw it, I though wow a reincarnation of the somewhat ...
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