I'm logged in as a user in postgres with PgAdmin tool in Linux connecting remotely but I don't think the user has enough rights. I'm a MySQL experienced user but not so much in Postgres. When I select a table when logged in as the user I get

An error has occurred:

ERROR: permission denied for relation acs_activities

how do I add my user "gainpm" to have access to all tables in "projop" database?

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You should log in as the table owner (the user you used to create the tables) and then grant the necessary privileges to your user:

grant select on acs_activities to your_user;

If you want to do that for all tables, you can use:

grant select on all tables in schema public to you_user;

Or maybe you created them as the superuser, but your regular user should be the real owner, then you should do:

alter table acs_activities owner to your_user;

I figured it out. First I had to login as superuser

sudo -u postgres psql

then issue

  • Using a superuser for your regular work is a really bad idea. Do you also work as root all the time in Linux?
    – user1822
    Mar 29, 2020 at 15:33

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