I am trying to setup DRBD/MySQL/Corosync/Pacemaker on AWS EC2 instances, though I am not sure if it will work since how to integrate VIP is a problem for me.

Anyone have any thoughts on what to do ?

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For amazon AWS you have two options:

  1. Secondary Private IPs
  2. Elastic IPs

Then you'll need to edit your IP2addr resource agent (under /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/heartbeat/IPaddr2) to manage the IP failover in-front of amazon.

  • For Elastic IPs I found this solution.
  • For secondary IPs I guess you'll just need to include the AWS CLI commands: ec2-assign-private-ip-addresses when promoting and ec2-unassign-private-addresses when demoting.

I prefer using ucarp for VIP management in conjunction with DRBD

I have some posts advocating MySQL, DRBD and ucarp

What might interest you the most is my old post PostgreSQL Failover - What tools should I use? where I actually have some sample code for setting up PostgreSQL with DRBD and ucarp. You can use the same setup for MySQL in the cloud or on bare metal machines.

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