i would like to increase the max memory size of one Oracle 10g database installed on Windows.

The v$parameter shows

sga_max_size 452984832


sga_target 452984832

Note that the ISDEFAULT column for sga_max_size is TRUE and every other IS settings are FLASE

I have found a init.ora file in the admin\MYINSTANCE\scripts and i have changed both parameters and restarted the service with no success.

There is another init.ora file in srvm\admin folder but i don't know if i can modify this one.

Where should i modify this parameter to have the memory increased ?


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Normally Oracle no longer uses the init.ora file anymore. It uses the spfileSID.ora in the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory. This is a binary file. Tio change the parameter(s) you should use:

alter system set sga_max_size=XXXM scope=spfile;

Now restart the database and the SGA_MAX_SIZE should be set at XXXM. Now you can alter the SGA_TARGET:

alter system set sga_target=XXXM scope=both;

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