I created a new database by using the command line binary on Suse. After activating headers by using .headers ON it still looks messy when getting table information with PRAGMA table_info(TABLE1);:


How can I achieve a cleaner look like this:

sqlite> pragma table_info(member);
cid      name          type     notnull  dflt_value  pk     
-------  ------------  -------  -------  ----------  -------
0        account_id    text     1                    0      
1        account_name  text     1                    0      
  • You could try using one of the available GUI tools - the whole point of SQLite is the "Lite" part - using a GUI tool could allow you to have a pleasant UX while retaining SQLite's lean and mean nature. – Vérace May 8 '18 at 15:10

In the sqlite3 command-line shell, this output format can be selected with .mode column.

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