I have a table that lists the names of the databases that have tables with the same schema. Each customer has a different database.

Is there a way to run a select on same table in multiple databases?

The first query I wrote was to get a list of databases concatenated the table name.

Select concat(database_name,'.','TableA') from dbnamelist

This results in output like


Now I want to select a value in the column type but across different tables.

Select type from database1.TableA,database2,TableA

Is it possible to do this in a single SQL statement?


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SELECT  GROUP_CONCAT(CONCAT(table_schema, '.', tableA))
    FROM information_schema.tables
    WHERE table_name = 'tableA';

will generate the list you need.

Figure out what the query needs to look like (and I do not think your example is correct), and modify this SELECT to generate the desired query.

Then copy and paste it into mysql commandline tool to run it.

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