PostgreSQL 9.6, configured backup server via barman tool. Using WAL streaming (pg_receivexlog) and streaming backup (pg_basebackup).

All working good. However for development/debugging purposes I may need to create simple dump and copy it to localhost to inspect.

On master server I can simply use pg_dump tool. But I don't want to use it under heavy production load. So I was thinking - is there a way to create dump from our backup server?

Only one way I can think about: apply barman recover command to different server (not production), then there create simple dump via pg_dump. That will work, but isn't there a way to ditch intermediate server?

  • You can use pg_dump on the standby provided it is configured as a "hot standby" – a_horse_with_no_name Dec 18 '19 at 10:12

No, you can only run pg_dump against a running PostgreSQL server.

You can avoid the necessity to recover the database whenever you need a pg_dump by setting up a streaming replication hot standby server with max_standby_streaming_delay = -1 and run your pg_dump against that.

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