When I connect from my local machine to a remote server through Remote Desktop Connection.

And then try to use SQL Server Management Studio, the Dialog boxes in the application for example Connection dialog screen shown on launch, Server Properties etc are very small, so small that the text on these dialog boxes is not readable at all.

Can someone please guide how to fix this issue?

I can change Font size of different sections for example, Query Editor, Object Explorer, Query execution results but I couldn't find any option to fix font size of text in Dialog boxes.

I am connecting through a machine with 4K display (XPS 15).

Can anyone please guide how to fix this?

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    Is SSMS showing in the same font size as other applications on the server? What OS is the server? What version of SSMS? Older versions of Windows were notorious for their poor scaling on high resolution displays, as were older versions of SSMS.
    – AMtwo
    May 11 at 18:35

Click on Tools Menu Options> In the Environment Section on left had side select Fonts and Colors>There should be a Use Defaults button on the top right hand side of the dialogbox> click on Use Defaults> Restart the SSMS. you should be good now. Enjoy SSMS

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