I am trying to restart cluster. I have two problems in stopping cluster and starting cluster

In stopping cluster, I follow the instruction https://software.mirantis.com/reference-documentation-on-fuel-folsom/galera/

For safe, I stop replication on node by set global wsrep_on='OFF' and then, I cannot stop it gracefully. I must kill it. It is not clean.

In starting cluster, I start the first node by service mysql start --wsrep-cluster-address=gcomm:// I am not sure it is the right way because it create new cluster.

The instruction is in https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/documentation/replication-cluster-multi-master/galera/getting-started-with-mariadb-galera-cluster/#state-transfer-failure not available to me.

What is the right way to me ?


If you start a node with gcomm:// you've created a new cluster. After you have bootstrapped a cluster and have at-least two nodes in that cluster, you should change the original gcomm:// to the actual systems part of that cluster (e.g. gcomm://IP1,...,IPN); otherwise if you restart MySQL on that node without paying attention to the my.cnf you've just bootstrapped a new cluster.

You do not need to manually stop replication; Galera is smart enough to know when a node has left, and therefore maintain state (hence state transfers). If you're having issues shutting down a node then you probably need to apply minor revision updates.

The cluster is alive for as long as every node in that cluster does not get removed at the same time. For example, you can do rolling upgrades on nodes in the cluster without taking down the entire cluster.

To answer your question; to restart the entire cluster just turn off every node in that cluster.

  • not sure if I understand you. I can't just do service restart mysql on master. It fails to start. When bootstraping master, it's fine. So i'm not even sure, after cluster installation, master should be restarted or shouldn't??? There's huge lack of documentation. Not even sure if nodes should be boostraped too or not. Because when "not", they fail to start too. – holms May 1 '15 at 4:35
  • sorry for bothering. Solved it. I couldn't find anywhere in docs that master node should be among other nodes listed too. – holms May 3 '15 at 0:14

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