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Measure the size of a PostgreSQL table row

I have a PostgreSQL table. select * is very slow whereas select id is nice and quick. I think it may be that the size of the row is very large and it's taking a while to transport, or it may be some ...
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Should I add an arbitrary length limit to VARCHAR columns?

According to PostgreSQL's docs, there's no performance difference between VARCHAR, VARCHAR(n) and TEXT. Should I add an arbitrary length limit to a name or address column? Edit: Not a dupe of: ...
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How do I efficiently get "the most recent corresponding row"?

I have a query pattern that must be very common, but I don't know how to write an efficient query for it. I want to look up the rows of a table that correspond to "the most recent date not after" the ...
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What is the optimal data type for an MD5 field?

We are designing a system that is known to be read-heavy (on the order of tens of thousands of reads per minute). There is a table names that serves as a sort of central registry. Each row has a ...
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Indexes: integer vs string performance if the number of nodes is the same

I am developing an application in Ruby on Rails with the PostgreSQL (9.4) database. For my use case, columns in tables will be looked up very frequently, as the whole point of the application is ...
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Index performance for CHAR vs VARCHAR (Postgres)

In this answer ( a single remark caught my eye: Also keep in mind that there's often a very big difference between ...
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What's the most efficient UUID column type

For storing a 128 bits UUID there are multiple storage options: a byte[16] column two bigint/long(64 bits) columns a CHAR(36) column - 32 hex digits + 4 dashes. a UUID database specific column, if db ...
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What is the overhead for varchar(n)?

I wanted to ask for the meaning of this fragment from Postgres doc regarding varchar(n) type: The storage requirement for a short string (up to 126 bytes) is 1 byte plus the actual string, which ...
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Fixing table structure to avoid `Error: duplicate key value violates unique constraint`

I have a table which is created this way: -- -- Table: #__content -- CREATE TABLE "jos_content" ( "id" serial NOT NULL, "asset_id" bigint DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL, ... "xreference" varchar(50) ...
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How to use default value of data type as column default?

How can I specify the default value for a column in the DDL? I was pretty sure that the following method worked a while ago: CREATE TABLE test ( col_1 CHAR(12) NOT NULL, col_2 INTEGER NOT NULL ...
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Casting an array of texts to an array of UUIDs

How can I cast an array of texts into an array of UUIDs? I need to do a join between two tables: users and projects. The users table has an array field named project_ids containing the project IDs ...
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Optimise a LATERAL JOIN query on a big table

I'm using Postgres 9.5. I have a table that records page hits from several web sites. This table contains about 32 million rows spanning from Jan 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016. CREATE TABLE event_pg ( ...
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Improve UPDATE performance on big table

I'm using Postgres 9.5 on Amazon RDS (2vCPU, 8 GB RAM). I use pganalyze to monitor my performance. I have around 200K records in the database. In my Dashboard I see the following queries are taking ...
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Is it reasonable to mark all columns but one as primary key?

I have a table representing movies. The fields are: id (PK), title, genre, runtime, released_in, tags, origin, downloads. My database cannot be polluted by duplicated rows, so I want to enforce ...
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Do fixed-width rows improve PostgreSQL read performance?

I have a table articles: Table "articles" Column | Type | Modifiers ...
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