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Mongo Preventing access to dangerous command

Reading Mongo: Definite guide: In first chapter, author mentions the following snippet to change some of the default commands of db: var no = function() { print("Not on my watch."); }; //...
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How to create replica set of mongodb in ubuntu and enable it?

I am using MongoDB community edition in Ubuntu 22.04. How can I make replica set in my local machine and how can I enable it to use in my node js application?
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Converting Mongoose schema to Prisma Mysql schema

I am trying to convert the following Mongoose schema to a Prisma MySql Schema. Not sure if I am doing it right. Here is the Mongoose Schema: import mongoose from 'mongoose'; const { ObjectId } = ...
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Can you run PL/Python or PL/v8 code from the database itself?

It it possible to run code that is stored in the database, on the database. For example, I'd like a trigger to execute a function whose Javascript code is stored in the same database. (Normally, ...
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Generate report by cross join between two tables

I wanted to generate report between two tables by using CROSS JOIN. Below shows the details of table. Table 1: kod_jawatan jawatan_id jawatan_kod jawatan_nama Table 2: tpermohonan mohon_id ...
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Best way for processing over 150 million rows MySql

I wrote a function on nodejs to SELECT 150 million records, process the data and UPDATE those same 150 million records using UPDATE 'table' SET value1='somevalue' WHERE idRo2 = 1; Single Update for ...
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How to get applied stored procedure for inserted row in mysql php query [closed]

$query = "CREATE PROCEDURE IF NOT EXISTS Insertion(IN firstname varchar(40),IN lastname varchar(40),IN email varchar(40),IN department varchar(40),IN doj date,IN basicpay int(11)) BEGIN ...
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Not authorized on test to execute command

Here is my code: mongoose.connect(consts.database, { useNewUrlParser: true, useUnifiedTopology: true, sslCA: consts.databaseCert, }); //... const user = await db.userModel.findOne({ ...
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Non RAM based in-browser database solutions?

I want to decentralize my databases and upload it to Sia Skynet to give the users the ability to search on front-end. It is important to be able to deal with large amounts of data, but the RAM-based ...
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How to parse MongoDB int32 in node.js

I am using MongoDB for a discord bot I am working on, and I want to retrieve a user's balance. My current code is function findBalance(id){ MongoClient.connect(url, function(err, db) { if (err) throw ...
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Trouble connecting to local MongoDB server through app.js

I'm a newbie to MongoDB, and I just set up MongoDB within my Ubuntu terminal with mongod and mongo commands running in separate terminals. However, I can't get my app.js that would launch a website to ...
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Migrating timezone timestamps

I am trying to migrate this node library from Postgres to MySQL and getting an error error: ER_TRUNCATED_WRONG_VALUE: Incorrect datetime value: '...
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