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SQL Server could not register the Service Principal Name (SPN) ... without membership in Domain Admins

A separate domain account was created for the database engine service of a SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance. Server Principal Names (SPNs) were added manually via the SetSPN.exe command line tool. ...
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How to replicate postgresql 11 database to a second local drive

I have a number of issues in a PostgreSQL 11 database. I'm very close to filling the 2TB data drive but I'm not able to "grow" the drive I'm finding it very difficult to reduce the size of ...
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Can I run a second server on a Virtual Machine on my original physical server, or do I need to run 2 Virtual Machines to have 2 servers?

The company I work for has a File Share server running on an server that is running Windows Server 2022. Its a simple setup that just uses Workgroups rather than a domain controller. They use a CAD ...
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Enable COPY_ONLY Backup Via DISKSHADOW Command Prompt

Introduction I'm experiencing weird behaviour on a virtualised (ESXi) Windows Server 2022 running SQL Server 2019 when the VMware conducts a snapshot of the server. It doesn't log the snapshot in the ...
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