SQL Server 2014 (major build version 12.0.xxxx). Please also tag sql-server.

Major releases:

  1. 12.00.2000 - RTM, April 2014
  2. 12.00.4100 - Service Pack 1 (SP1), released May 2015

SQL Server 2014 will leave mainstream support on 2019-07-09 and extended support on 2024-07-09.

SQL Server 2014 contains the following major new features:

Database Engine

  • Memory limit for Standard Edition increased from 64GB to 128GB
  • Clustered columnstore indexes & archival data compression
  • Memory-optimized tables (aka In-Memory OLTP, codename Hekaton)
  • Buffer pool extension to SSD
  • New cardinality estimation model
  • AlwaysOn replicas increased from 4 to 8
  • Delayed durability
  • Parallel SELECT INTO
  • Inline index specification for CREATE TABLE
  • Rebuild individual partitions of a partitioned table online
  • Lock priority for online operations
  • Backup Encryption
  • Incremental statistics update
  • Database data files hosted on Windows Azure
  • Deploy a SQL Server Database to a Windows Azure Virtual Machine Wizard
  • Backup to URL / Managed backup to Windows Azure
  • Resource governor physical IO control

See Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2014

Analysis Services & Business Intelligence

  • PowerView for multidimensional models
  • BIDS becomes SQL Server Data Tools for Business Intelligence (SSDT-BI)

No major changes to the following feature sets in SQL Server 2014:

  • SSIS (Integration Services)
  • SSRS (Reporting Services)
  • Replication

Note: Windows Vista is not a supported operating system for SQL Server 2014.

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