I am a SQL Server DBA configuring an SSIS package that uses a connection to a remote vendor MySQL database instance.

The vendor has sent us 3 files to implement SSL transport to their MySQL database. The filenames are: ca.pem, client-cert.pem, client-key.pem. We're currently connecting to their instance via ODBC driver MySQL ODBC 5.3 ANSI Driver, version supplied by Oracle. I see that there is a selection for working with SSL when configuring the ODBC connection (see screen shot). Can someone advise me on how to set up these 3 files in this context?

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To connect using SSL from the client side. Use the following mapping

  • ssl key = \\folderpath\client-key.pem
  • ssl certificate = \\folderpath\client-cert.pem
  • ssl ca = \\folderpath\ca.pem

Reference: Created using comment from samosql

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