I want to create a copy of my Production DB to a new instance.

There is a innobackupex running on the prod every night looks like this:

innobackupex --user=username --password=password --keyring-file-data=/var/lib/mysql-keyring/keyring --target-dir=mybackup-path

I copied the mybackup-path contents to my new instance and then prepared it by as following:

xtrabackup --prepare --keyring-file-data=/var/lib/mysql-keyring/keyring --target-dir=mybackup-path-in-new-server

then copy over files --copy-back and chowned the data folder to mysql & everything is working

BUT I get "please confirm the keyfile is match and keyring plugin is loaded".

I have added updated my.cnf to early-plugin-load but still nothing

early-plugin-load = keyring_file.so
keyring_file_data = /var/lib/mysql-keyring/keyring

When I start mysql, and run SHOW PLUGINS, Keyring is ACTIVE,

My both instances are the same and both have ubuntu and Percona Server 5.7

I'm sure I'm missing something, and I believe it is related to keyring, can someone help?

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I have solved my issue:

Make sure that the backup taken by xtrabackup and the keyring file in /var/lib/mysql-keyring/keyring are from the same server.

Also after copying the keyring file to the destination server, make sure to chown mysql:mysql to it.

The Keyring file should be copied as is not the contents of the file.

To verify if things are working, you can create a new DB and some new tables, also insert some data, that are encrypted then run the following


You need to get the result tables. Now try to select from those tables, you should see the data inserted.

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