Background info

I have two MySQL 5.5 servers set up in a Master/Slave configuration with Semi-synchronous replication.

The database is being used for a high-profile WordPress site.


It seems to work great except for one thing:

When the master is down and changes are made to the slave, they are not written back to the master when it comes back up.

What I've done so far

I tried the answer [here], but it broke my replication completely.


  • Is there a more standard way of setting this up or is it generally not supported?
  • Should I just disallow writes on the slave?
  • Is there a simple way to notify the master of changes, and sync them upstream?

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You are almost there. I guess you have missed the auto_increment_increment & auto_increment_offset variables.

Set auto increment increment to the total number of servers.

Set auto_increment_offset to a number between 1 and auto increment increment for each server.


Server 1: auto increment increment = 2, auto_increment_offset = 1

Server 2: auto increment increment = 2, auto_increment_offset = 2

  • I believe this helped... I'm still not sure. I ended up making both servers primary, with the above commands also, and now my config works. Commented May 21, 2014 at 6:40

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