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Questions tagged [semi-sync-replication]

Semisynchronous Replication : MySQL's Proprietary Mechanism for Replication

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2 votes
1 answer

Can PostgresSQL cluster have synchronus and asyncronus standbys at the same time for the same dbs?

In this question, Write concern in PostgreSQL Laurenz Albe explained how to control the set of standby servers when data is committed to PostgresSQL, and that gave birth to another question. What if I ...
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0 answers

mysql unable to start with semi sync parameter

Im using mysql 5.7 and it has 2 slaves with GTID. I tried to enable semi-sync and I have done with set global variable in mysql prompt. It was running fine. Then I did a restart, after that mysql ...
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3 answers

High disk IO with MySQL master-master replication

We've been evaluating an active-passive master-master replication setup for our MySQL database, running on version 8.0. While diagnosing some general slowness issues, we were surprised to see very ...
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Accessing Oracle DB from SQL Server DB

I am looking for the best and simplest way for accessing an Oracle db from an SQL Server db. Both are on separate physical servers. I am looking for a one-way access in read-only mode. SQL Server ...
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1 answer

MySQL Semi-synchronous replication with Multi-Master

Is it possible to use semi-synchronous replication with a Multi-Master setup? I've tried to follow this guide to setup a semi-synchronous replication for a master-slave setup:
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1 answer

MySQL Database replication for high availability

configuration: 1 balancer 2 Azure machines(4 gb ram, 2 cores), with MySQL master-master replication enabled. X users connecting to the balancer to sync data. test: i've tested the MySQL replication ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Syncing updates to master in master/slave setup [semi-sync replication]

Background info I have two MySQL 5.5 servers set up in a Master/Slave configuration with Semi-synchronous replication. The database is being used for a high-profile WordPress site. Problem It ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Question about MySQL Semisynchronous Replication

I was researching about MySQL Semisynchronous Replication, my understanding about the workflow is the follow: Master Receive a successful transaction from a client session. Master write it to his ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Breaking Semisynchronous Replication in MySQL 5.5

I've set up Semisynchronous Replication between two MySQL 5.5 servers running on Windows 7. My application is running and updating the database of the master server and same is being updated in the ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Installing and enabling both master and slave semisynchronous plugins on same server

I want to run a semisynchronous replication setup, and for simplicity I'd like to not have to INSTALL and UNINSTALL plugins when a slave is promoted to a master. So I'm wondering if I'll experience ...
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