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Questions tagged [dbms-redefinition]

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1 answer

Oracle dbms_redefinition fails with ora-01749, why?

I ran this as a part of redefining a table DECLARE l_num_ers PLS_INTEGER; BEGIN DBMS_REDEFINITION.copy_table_dependents( uname => 'myuser', orig_table => 'mytable'...
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3 answers

Feasibility of Partitioning existing tables with huge data in Oracle

We have a set of 24 tables that take up about 1tb+ data which is why DBA suggested to use partitioning to better handle usage. The only issue being the partitioning of the existing tables is ...
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I wanted to know if DBMA_REDEFINITON package allows a WHERE clause to filter contents before migration. I have a partitioned table and wants to copy data and constraint to another table using ...
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Package DBMS_REDEFINITION missing from Oracle 11g?

I'm trying to partition an existing table in Oracle and the research I've done seems to say that using the DBMS_REDEFINITION package seems to be the best way to do this. The problem is I doesn't seem ...
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2 answers

DBMS_REDEFINITION don't copy data?

Is there an option to use Oracles online table redefinition feature but only copy a subset of the data from the source table? I mean - the source table has 2M records and I want to only copy those ...
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TEMP Tablespace Exceeded when DBMS_REDIFINITION

Oracle Environment. Table size is 500Gb. Free space left on hard drive - 300Gb. TEMP Tablespace is currently 20GB Task: do the DBMS_Redefinition for the table (partition by month) and optimize ...
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2 answers

Moving a table to a different tablespace in Oracle using Online Redefinition Vs Alter table move tablespace

I have a table with 1 Billion records with size 300GB to move to different tablespace. My question here is - What is the advantage of using DBMS_REDEFINITION (Online redefinition) package over Alter ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Redefining a table with a user-defined type using DBMS_REDEFINITION

The application which we developed has one schema, USER1, which has tables, types, packages etc. I have to move some of the user-defined types to a different schema, The reason for doing this is to ...
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Why is SQL*Plus' desc table not showing not null constraints after using dbms_redefinition

I have the following table that I want to redefine: create table tq84_redefinition ( id number primary key, ts1 timestamp not null, ts2 timestamp ); Please note the not null constraint on the ...
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