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Oracle Database 11g (not 11g R2). Please also tag oracle for search purposes.

Oracle is a relational DBMS (Database Management System) created by Oracle Corporation. It supports a large number of languages and application development frameworks. Its primary languages are SQL, PL/SQL and Java.

11g is the July 11th, 2007 release of Oracle’s primary database product. New features added in 11.0.1 include Virtual Columns, Automatic Memory Management and Interval Partitioning.

Oracle makes a plethora of documentation available at


  • Questions about SQL should be tagged sql. If the question applies to an Oracle database it should probably also be tagged oracle.

  • Questions about PL/SQL should be tagged plsql as well as oracle.

  • Questions specific to a particular database version may be tagged with a version tag such as oracle11g-r2, oracle-11g, oracle-10g or oracle-9i, but they should also be tagged oracle.

  • Questions applicable to through should be tagged both oracle-11g and oracle.

  • Questions applicable to through should be tagged both oracle-11g-r2 and oracle.

  • Questions applicable to other versions should be tagged as oracle-10g, oracle-9i or oracle-8i as well as oracle.

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