This question is different but similar to this request looking for SQL-86.

SQL 1989 is almost 30 years old. Is this spec freely available anywhere. The standard does not have a Wikipage or the like?

The spec goes by

  • ANSI X3.135-1989 Database Language - SQL With Integrity Enhancements
  • ISO 9075-1989
  • SQL-1989

The need for it came up while researching the question, Does the SQL-1992 standard restrict naming identifiers to 18 characters?


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This one looks like the document you are after (although French, not English, and not free) https://iteh.it/catalog/standards/iso/7c7fa915-f99f-4ce9-8aa4-0e896d89ed84/iso-iec-9075-1989

Or this one seems to have English and Russian versions: https://gostperevod.com/st-iso-iec-9075-1989.html


Extrapolating from the accepted answer of the related question seeking SQL-86, we can craft the following query -

...the constituent parts being

  • creator="National Bureau of Standards"
  • subject="Public administration -- Data processing"
  • year IN (1988,1989,1990)
  • order by date_published descending

Sadly, SQL-89 is not found at this time, but a partial upload from 1990 appears to be available at https://archive.org/details/federalinformati1271nati. Hopefully the given query string will also capture the SQL-89 standard if and when it's indexed at archive.org


This what you are looking for?

Information Systems - Database Language - SQL (includes ANSI X3.168-1989) (formerly ANSI X3.135-1992 (R1998)) Defines the data structures and basic operations on SQL-data. Provides functional capabilities for creating, accessing, maintaining, controlling, and protecting SQL-data.


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