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why sp_ExecuteSql output parameter returns null from linked server when procedure shows correct value in results panel

I am trying to get SQL version from a linked server and save it in a variable, but the query runs fine and showed me the result but when I review the output variable is Null. DECLARE @cmd NVARCHAR(MAX)...
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OUTPUT clause returning 0 for newly inserted identity value due to INSTEAD OF trigger

Consider the following minimal, complete, and verifiable example code (see dbfiddle here): CREATE TABLE [dbo].[test] ( [i] bigint NOT NULL identity(1,1) PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ...
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Using OUTPUT to UPDATE (i.e. not insert new record) existing rows

1.) @MULTIPLE_RESULTS_TABLEVAR has fields (x, y, OrdersTableID) and values: [a,b,Null], [c,d,Null], [e,f,Null] 2.) Goal is to bulk insert @MULTIPLE_RESULTS_TABLEVAR data into an OrdersTable having ...
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Should I worry about a serial update execution plan?

For a mature .Net project I support we're currently exploring options to remove Entity Framework Core from the project while still maintaining some of the EF functionality we rely on. At the top of ...
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Outputting source column in MERGE OUTPUT clause

I have a relatively simple question with an implied answer, but not an explicit one. Here's the background. Here are the 3 schemas I'm working with: --Source Data: ProjectID, ProjectName, CompanyName ...
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OUTPUT clause with window functions

Is there an undocumented restriction in the OUTPUT clause, or is this a bug? Given the following table: CREATE TABLE t1 (SomeId int, flag bit, value int); I would like to use a calculated value in an ...
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Finding the errors in SQL and interpreting what the SQL codes mean

Find all 5 errors in the SQL script below and explain what the script is trying to do select A.BIZ_DT, A.ACTL_PARENT_SVC_NUM, A.DIRCTN_IND, A.BUS_STOP_CD, A.BUS_STOP_ARRVL_TM, A.OPR_ID_NUM, A.REG_NUM, ...
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Can I use OUTPUT from an UPDATE in an INSERT?

I want to add a record to my app's "SystemSettings" table and set the PK value using the value from an UPDATE. The PK value comes from the "TS_LASTIDS" table which contains the maximum PK value for ...
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SQL Server - Update with Output not working in Parallel environment

I know that the output parameter does not guarantees parallelism logic. And the logic I want to implement is failing in a multi thread environment. To test this, just open 2 windows and execute them ...
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How do you retrieve the identity value of a row inserted from the OUTPUT of an UPDATE statement?

How do you retrieve the identity value for an inserted row when that row is inserted from the OUTPUT of an UPDATE statement? Neither @@IDENTITY nor SCOPE_IDENTITY() appears to be set properly. ...
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Using the result set of a select query as the input of another select

I need to make three select queries over three different tables, using the outputs of each select query, the catch is each one gives multiple results. Here is how I do it. Select "Title", "Num" from "...
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31 votes
2 answers

Using source columns in OUTPUT INTO clause of an INSERT statement (SQL Server)

I am writing a batch processing insert statement and would like to use a temp table to keep track of inserted ID's instead of looping through the items myself and calling SCOPE_IDENTITY() for each ...
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T-SQL insert with output expression [closed]

insert Table1 OUTPUT inserted.ID, s.[Id] INTO @Inserted select s.[Field1], s.[Field2], from @TableVariable s why is s.[Id] marked by red line ? Is it non-correct syntax to save value in @Inserted ...
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How do I load data from a single table to multiple tables & keep referential integrity [closed]

Using SQL Server 2008R2. I have a single table with a bunch of columns. I have built a new database with multiple tables to copy the data too. How do I copy the data, and still keep the ...
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Could 'Maximum Server Memory' be too low for large batched delete with captured output?

I'm trying to improve the performance of a SQL server database backup program that will create a new database to hold one years worth of report records, delete report records out of the main database, ...
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Insert with OUTPUT correlated to sub query table

I am modifying the structure of a database. The content of several columns of the table FinancialInstitution has to be transferred into the table Person. FinancialInstitution is linked to Person with ...
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3 answers

Can the OUTPUT clause create a table?

I'm doing an update like this: UPDATE dbo.Table1 SET BirthDate = b.BirthDate FROM Table1 a JOIN Table2 b ON a.ID = b.ID And I want to use the OUTPUT clause to back up my changes. UPDATE dbo....
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Getting Identity values to use as FK in an INSTEAD OF trigger

I have a series of updateable views we are exposing to end users as the interface for a back end process. One of these views references two tables and requires an INSTEAD OF trigger for UPDATE and ...
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Direct the OUTPUT of an UPDATE statement to a local variable

I would like to do this : DECLARE @Id INT; UPDATE Logins SET SomeField = 'some value' OUTPUT @Id = Id WHERE EmailAddress = @EmailAddress -- this is a parameter of the sproc Is this even ...
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