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SQL Server 2019 AOAG - ReadOnly ConnectionString Not working with error 80004005 Invalid connection string attribute

(I hope this is the proper place for posting, as it is about the database and its connection.) SQL Server 2019 / ASP Classic / ASP.NET I followed the information from this page. ReadOnly Routing (...
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How to redirect read queries transparently to Secondary replica in Always on [duplicate]

We have Always ON setup for our database. Users are connecting to our database using listener URL. We are currently asking users to use ApplicationIntent = ReadOnly to redirect users to secondary ...
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In azure sql db how to enforce the rule users should only connect using applicationintent=Readonly

For sql server availability groups we enforce the rule “users should only read from DR nodes” by first creating logins and users in the primary node and then dropping /disabling the logins on the ...
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SELECT queries are not being sent to read-only secondary replica in 2 node AG [duplicate]

Apologies if this has already been asked. I've read through the BOL and other blog articles on this, including
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SELECT query in a SP in AlwaysOn Availability Group Read Only Routing

There is a stored procedure which has select statement as well as insert and other statements. What will be the behaviour of the stored procedure in a Read Only Routing configured in AlwaysOn ...
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Can we configure logins to only connect to read-only replicas in Azure SQL Database automatically?

For Read-Only routing, rather than explicitly using "ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly" into our application connection string or for individual users to specify it in additional properties, can ...
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Always-on Avaialbility Group Secondary replica NOT identical to Primay

Can I have Always-on availability group primary node not identical to secondary? example: Primary Replica RAM 64, Cores 8 Secondary Replica RAM 256, Cores 32 As I estimate read-only queries to be ...
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Availability Group Read Only Routing Not Working for Azure App Service that connects over Hybrid Connection

We have following config of Availability Group On-Premise: - primary - sync secondary - async secondary - ...
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Availability Group Read Only Routing Not Working for SQL Logins

We have following config of Availability Group: - primary - sync secondary - async secondary - availability group ...
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