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Try to edit the script (/opt/mssql/lib/mssql-conf/ using text editor, It is line 1: #!/usr/bin/python22, which may be wrong. I changed it #!/usr/bin/python2 Plz try this


You are trying to run the psql as the OS user 'root'. Your pg_hba.conf file doesn't let OS user 'root' log in as database user 'postgres'. You could instead use sudo to run as OS user 'postgres', not 'root': sudo -u postgres psql -U postgres -d tsdb -f /.sqlscript/location (Although perhaps OS user 'postgres' won't have access to the sqlscript) You ...


This is only a matter of the metadata being incomplete in the installer. If you have access to Oracle support, then: Reference data is not available for release "12.1" on Linux x86-64 SLES-12 (Doc ID 2127760.1) In the above note, there is a link for the patch for this issue. The workaround is to ignore the prerequisites by starting the installer as: ./...

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