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The default installation is fine for typical usage. If you have extremely heavy usage, then explain what kind of app you have and how much RAM and data. Swapping is bad for performance, but not having swap space when needed is worse. Still, generally a dedicated server with a default configuration is not likely to hit such. A "busy system" would ...


Thanks to David Browne, I used procmon and could find the settings are stored in the below regedit section, Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio\18.0_IsoShell\General MRUListItemCount WindowMenuItemCount Change these values to 1-24


You could use Process Monitor to discover where SSMS stores these settings.


If you have SQL Server 2017 or above you can enable query store on databases and see the wait stats for each one of the databases so you can decide if you can set maxdop at database scope or at instance scope.

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