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Despite the name, mysql_secure_installation is not for installing MariaDB; it used to secure an existing installation of MariaDB. You should use some other method to install MariaDB (e.g. using your favourite package manager), then run mysql_secure_installation.


Any idea why the service account is not showing up in Local policies? It uses the per service sid, when you change the account it'll still work. You can see this in your screenshot.


Looks like you applied a defective patch. Bug 33387456 : PATCH 32327201 - DSTV36 ON MICROSOFT WINDOWS X64 DOES NOT WORK ===================== DETAILED PROBLEM DESCRIPTION ============================ Patch 32327201 - DSTv36 on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) does not work DIAGNOSTIC ANALYSIS =================== The DSTv36 timezone files are installed in %...


I know, it is an old question, but if anyone is still having this problem and finds it: dbca parameter -honorControlFileInitParam works for us with an adapted template as described in the question

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