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What does the term "server" mean in this context?

What does the author mean by "domain and local server user accounts The author means the OS accounts. "Local server" is an operating system instance where your SQL Server is running (...
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What's the best way of going about storing information from different groups of users?

Best depends on what the important criteria are, but your options include: What you are currently doing. Row level access control and a different database username for each company, (if your server ...
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SQL Job step run as different sql account

you can create proxy account and run as proxy account .
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Run PostgreSQL without admin / superuser

Both databases offer superuser access to the person who installed them. eg postgresql's single user mode and mysql's –skip-grant-tables If you want to hide information from the user don't store it on ...
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Logon failed for login due to trigger execution

After struggling with this issue for several hours I found a very simple solution to retore the connextion to my empty local database: 1 - Open a CMD/Terminal on this path (the path may depend on your ...
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