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Can I password protect a specific ms sql database view?

Dynamic Data Masking would work in this case, , so when the view is queried from the moment you add the mask command, the end user would get four xxxx's in the result set, unless they were sysadmin or ...
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SSPI handshake failed with error code 0x8009030c, state 14

I've had users that had this issue with SSMS locally on their laptop - when there domain passwords expired that they used in SSMS. Typically had them close down SSMS or reboot their laptop. Its ...
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Tool for monitoring changes to data in a database

You can enable the audit plugin in MariaDB or MySQL servers. Configure it to store the logs to a file and backup these files in S3. This is better than using CDC or using the mysqlbinlog utility since ...
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Tool for monitoring changes to data in a database

You could use a change data capture tool like Debezium or Maxwell’s Daemon to read the binary log where every row modification is logged as an event ...
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