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Don't backup to a compressed folder. There are supportability problems for SQL Server with compressed folders. See here. Take a compressed backup instead.


very Easy for you: enter in powershell mode and write this code: ./setup /UIMODE=EnableUIOnServerCore /ACTION=INSTALL good luck.


I am using Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2019 but these instruction should be about the same in other versions. Configure multiple listeners for an availability group in Windows Failover Cluster Manager. Go to Cluster > Roles > Add Resource > Client Access Point and add the new listener. Next, while still in Failover Cluster Manager, bring the new ...


is there a way to configure to have two listeners Sort of, but it's unusual. The more normal practice is to have a single AG Listener, with read-only routing configured. That way everyone connects to the same hostname, but read-only workloads will disconnect and reconnect directly to an available readable replica. would SQL on all four nodes need to ...


I'm pretty inexperienced and still learning but I think the issue has to do with a dedicated server installation.

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