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Thanks for the extensive solution But if you can suggest in the above scenario solution that will really help plan my build.


DR solutions are not built around existing infrastructure, they are built around business requirements. Define your business need for DR and build a system that supports that need. P.S. You need to build a new system anyway. SQL 2012 is out of mainstream support and has less then 24 months before end of extended support (July 12, 2022).


Filenames in your configuration should NOT be surrounded with quotes. Never seen anyone run with read_buffer_size and read_rnd_buffer_size=0. Disable these two lines by leading the line with # and a space character to allow defaults to work for you.


SQL Server stores Active Directory accounts using a unique identifier generated by Active Directory. The unique identifier is generated when the object is created in Active Directory, and never changes. This means you can change things like the user name, first name, last name, and any other Active Directory attribute for the user, without the need to even ...


Which version is each server using? ALTER TABLE has become significantly slower in 8.0. It probably has to do with the ability to rollback DDLs. It has never been wise to depend on a lot of DDLs, but this makes it worse. If this ALTER was being done to a brand new table, it probably would have been better to include the CONSTRAINT as part of the table ...

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